Spring outfits and trends

Hello darlings,

Here is my second English post so every mistake should be excused as I’m a beginner.  As I’ve recently been accepted to go to UK to college I’ve decided to try foreign language posts in order to get used to the language. But let’s leave this behind and mean business.

Firstly, I’ve seen a really nice idea on some other blogs which suggest you a song to listen during the reading. But, I wanted to promote my country’s music, therefore I hope I can choose nice songs just from Romania. So this post song will be….. (background noise )………..

Soooo, spring has come (even though in Romania it is rainy these days) so we all enjoy the warm temperatures and we have the opportunity to wear our new clothes or the ones from the last year in a new form. With no further discussions here we have some first main ideas:

 Boyfriend jeans 

These are a MUST of the season. Ther’re cosy, comfortable and pretty… so we like them, we looove them, WE BUY THEM! Easily to wear with high heels or flats and even sneakers, they fit us very well.

BF jeans and Stilettos collage 2 boyfriend-jeans Boyfriend-Jeans-2013-2014-1 how-to-wear-boyfriend-jeans-feature-image
























Everything made of denim is cool to wear especially if you go to highschool or college, it is not so extravagant, yet it looks adorable. I’m a huge fan of denim shirts.


















































Bright colours 

It’s a new season so a moment of joy sould be held in honour of Spring. So we should wear the brightest colours, colourful accesories if we don’t have so many clothes that are not black so that we’ll shine like a spring flower! Everyone will love you with your unique outfit!


Daily-Outfit-Coral-Coal2 Downloads1
























As a final idea from this post of a new series which I hope you’ll enjoy, it doesn’t matter what you wear ( only a little ) if you always have a smile on your face. So this post advice will be:

keep calm










I hope you liked this, and see you next time!

Love you,





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