English, please!

These days I found that a blog is better if you have an English version of it. That’s why I’m trying to translate a few of my best posts and pages so that everybody can read my blog. I’ll start by explaining what ” Nevricoasa” means. It comes from ” nervos” that means angry and „fricos” that means coward or just with fear. I think this word describes our world a lot, that’ s why my blog has this name. This word was first used by one great Romanian writter called I.L. Caragiale.

This is my first English post, so don’t be too angry if I make any mistakes. Another thing about my blog is that the autor of it, Nevricoasa is unknown. So there are a few people that know me as the writter of this blog. The next English posts will come very soon. So this is just the beginning…. Hope you subscribe and rate…Oh, and don’t forget to like my Facebook Page called Nevricoasa. I’d be delighted to have more fans from other countries than Romania.

Hugs and kisses,



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